Sunday- the roadtrip part 1

Hi everyone,I hope you are all doing well 🙂

Today, I went on a little roadtrip with my family to Zagorje, a county in northern Croatia which is known for its natural beauty and historical culture. We visited a pilgrim sanctuary in Marija Bistrica(founded in 11th century) that has been the keeper of an old Marian shrine(which dates back to 16th century) and the Trakošćan castle( built in 13th century).

Before I show you the photos,little disclaimer. The weather was quite chilly and foggy so the photos might seem a bit paler than usual. And also, as I could not use anything but my cellphone(without flash) in the Trakošćan castle(turned museum) quality of the photos is not the best(mind you, some photos do look nice and that is because I remembered to turn the night mod on halfway through our tour). I hope you will enjoy them nonetheless 🙂

Marian sanctuary monastery and the church belfry :


The Way of the Cross: 20151115_102420

The view of the sanctury from the open-air church (thus the benches):


Another one from higher up the hill:


The view: 20151115_101635

The streets of Marija Bistrica:


The old fort surrounding the church and the monastery(too big for the photo haha) :

20151115_102605page The entrance to the church grounds:

20151115_102728 20151115_102829 20151115_102852

The church grounds,monastery and the church:

20151115_103632 20151115_103726


This one was a tricky shot :


20151115_10434320151115_104731Feet as a proof hahah:


On our way down the hill:6514551220151115_102150

I hope you enjoyed my photos,I will publish the second part(with lots more photos) tomorrow , as I am super tired( got up and 6 am,been walking the whole day haha).

Good night 🙂



Hey everyone 🙂 Hectic weeks are behind me so I can finally relax and breathe a little bit. I will post a lot more photos,chapters and stories this month (even some creepy ones,not for the faint of heart haha) so keep an eye on that 😉

City skyline in sunset:


Another sunset,this one is a countryside one :trećaaaa

Golden leaves in my yard :

See you very soon 🙂


Hi! I’m sorry I haven’t been that active with my blog this week but my uni work got a bit hectic and I am very busy at the moment with the upcoming tests and exams. So I will share with you some photos and I promise that the next chapter will come soon 😀 I do not know when I will be able to publish the second part of my short story because I left it on my portable hard drive(which I borrowed,silly). Sorry for that. Anyway, I hope you are all doing well 🙂

Starting with little Halloween decorations 😀


A bit scarier in the dark :  IMG_20141029_205456

Now this hahah. Last year’s Halloween. I was an alien X) It was so creepy and the makeup took me forever to do. I do not look like myself here ( I even scared my grandma haha), but I was really happy with the result :

IMG_20141031_144343 This is my window( in the bedroom at home)  at the moment. I put some tiny red lights (a bit creepier than the white ones) and you can see the bare branches of an old tree from my yard :


And the last two photos are of today’s sunset. Photos are taken on the same location( different camera angle though) 5 minutes apart 😀 Nature is magical :



Countryside rain shines bright like a diamond

I hope you are all doing well 🙂

I will post the first part of my short story tomorrow. I had to divide it in half because of the word count but  I really hope you will enjoy it 🙂   So please look forward to it.

These are just a few photos of rain drops I caught with my camera while walking through our vegetable patch (basically very leafy photos).

Showing off one part of the vegetable patch( looks a bit messy,but I assure you the vegetables are edible haha) :


Huge kale(finger for scale) :


Droplets of water: moždačetiri


Mushrooms that had grown in our yard. I do think they are poisonous though :


Some leaves in front of my house:


Autumn details-countryside

Just a little update on the story progress- I’ve been doing a lot of uni work done just so I don’t get caught drowning in the workload in November. Therefore, the new chapter will be a little late( I have to organise my writing time better). Also, I have written a short story which I will (hopefully) publish soon so I hope you will like it 😀 Not the type of thing I would normally write but I kind of liked it (it is a romance short story).

These photos are taken next to my garden at home(our house has a garden divided by a stream,so these are taken in the “second part” of the garden).



Autumn in the city- details

As you can see,I am currently not at home, but since I am a big lover of nature I always pass the public parks and green surfaces x)

So these are a few photos of autumn in the city where I go to uni (not too far from my hometown,so I’m staying at a flat for a couple of days and on the weekends I go home 😀 ). All the photos I’m putting are from the centre-the Old or Lower town.

I’m sorry that the photo quality isn’t really the best, but the weather(as you can see on the photos) is really cloudy and rainy so the lighting isn’t so good.

This is the view from the park to the main train station,very close to where I’m staying.:


A fountain in the park and the colourful buildings in the back:


The art Pavilion in the park:


Yellowing leaves in the streets:

deveta deseta

Another big park right across the first one:


Pavilion in the park where classical music is played on saturday mornings:

dvanaestaA closer look(can you see the leaves wrapped around the poles?) :


Details: petnaesta

Leaves on the steps:


Autumn photos 2

Hello, I have another short post with some of the recent photos I took. Apparently,this winter will be a long one,so I am trying to harvest all of the fruits and nuts that had grown in my garden and in the vineyard.

Sun drying the walnuts I had previously collected in my garden:


More signs that the autumn is coming soon: