Mornings and colours

“May you touch dragonflies and stars, dance with fairies and talk to the moon.”



Can you see the ants?








Snowdrops and princesses

It feels so good to be back home again. The nature is starting to bloom, the weather is warm and sunny and the animals are starting to roam near the forest again ( I promise I will bring my phone with me on my morning walks one day,  to take photos of fawns and rabbits).

A few days ago, I woke up at dawn and my window was bathed in warmth:



Later that day I stumbled upon some snowdrops near my house:




My mom and I baked some delicious treats called Princess cakes ( maybe they are called differently in your country? ). They have a nice vanilla taste so they are perfect to eat in the evening.


P.S.- sorry for not taking better photographs of the cakes,they were just too good to be left sitting around 😀


I hope you have a great sunday 🙂





Recent reads

Hi everyone 🙂

As an avid reader,I avoid the “favourite book” type questions because there are just so many of them x) I would have to print out my whole library check out history just to remember what I have read through all these years. So,instead,this is a little summary of what I’ve read in the last two to three months and what I would suggest for you to read 😀

Also,before I start with the list, I usually read only specific book genres(sure, I will read anything that interests me,but these are the categories I will always find appealing ). These are: fantasy, crime, historical novels, YA, horror, fiction. So if you’re not into any of those categories,I think you will find this post disappointing x) Now,let’s get started.


Peter Straub – Ghost Story


I really really liked this book. The plot is quite enjoyably slow and characters are well developed , for a horror novel. The thing I liked the most is the atmosphere of fear, despair and suffocation( it feels quite claustrophobic but it really gives the plot that something that makes this horror story special). Highly recommend,even if you don’t usually read horror.

R.L.Stine – Don’t forget me


I have been re-reading Stine on my late night train rides. I am not sure why, but I do like to read books that I read when I was a kid. I especially love to revisit my old fears to forget about the present ones (which are,let’s be honest, far more real). Short, creepy, simple. Would recommend to younger audience or to anyone who loves a quick “spook”.  Can’t put ratings on childhood books,sorry X)

David Case-  Pelican Cay


I would call it a train ride read X) Short, tense, a bit predictable but not bad. Not for those who have a weak stomach,as it has a bit of gore in it. Nothing much,but just a warning.

H.P.Lovecraft- The dream cycle


Lovecraft is a classic. Like King. Either you like it or you don’t. They both have a very specific style of writing, so you would have to decide for yourself if this is something you would enjoy. Personally, I loved it. He is very direct in his storytelling,without lots of unnecessary embellishments. Quite a lot of gore,so keep that in mind.


Cassandra Clare – The Shadowhunter Chronicles

(I’ve read the first three)


This book series…urgh. First off, it starts of well. Okay, characters are a bit of cliche but I did like the idea of shadowhunters,demons, nephilim… All that interested me and I started to read this series. BUT. Soon it gets too boring. Now,let me explain. Instead of focusing on that awesome supercool, interesting premise (a whole new world filled with demons,fighting and badassness) the writer decided to make it a romance novel. I know,it is YA genre but there are far better books than these. I really tried to like it after the second book,but it just didn’t go well with me. I don’t understand how on earth did she stretch the plot on so many books. Also(here comes the icing)- the books are PLAGIARISED. I will not get in the details of how and why as you can find it online. Big let down. Would not recommend. There are far better young adult books to read.

Richelle Mead- The Vampire Academy


I found these to be very enjoyable. I’ve read them all within a week because they are so damn fun,sassy and addicting. Interesting plot-check, loveable characters- check, romance that you will die for- check. True YA novels. Highly recommend.


Agatha Christie- Evil under the sun


I really love Agatha Christie. My grandmother was a big fan,so as a child, I would sneak into her room and borrow her old,emerald green, leather bound books (my favourite one was,and still is, ” And then there were none ” ). And that is how I became a fan. Read lots of her works and watched numerous movies. Nothing much to be said,another classic. I highly recommend. Very nice, easy read (especially during the summer, on a beach).

Camilla Läckberg- The Ice Princess


As a contrast to warm,summer Christie, this plot is set in cold Sweden. I did put it under crime section,but this book is not really a pure crime novel. I did like the plot, I found it very interesting and it surely is a page turner but without some real substance that would make me want more. Still,I would recommend it,especially as a gift to mother,grandmother,aunt… as my mom really enjoyed it.



Anne Rice- Pandora


Along Queen of the Damned, this book is my favourite one out of Rice novels. I love how it showed us ancient history and transition to modern times. It helped me understand the complex relationship vampires have with each other and how they see the world (as Lestat,the brat prince, is not always the best source of information about someone other than himself). If you are interested in reading a GOOD vampire novel,Anne Rice is the queen. Start with the Interview with the Vampire and enjoy.

George R.R.Martin- A Dance with Dragons


The fifth book of A Song of Ice and Fire series did not disappoint me. I have the highest respect for Martin, as he is on my top 5 list of best writers(right next to Tolkien). The books are so well written that you have to read them a few times before catching every detail and hidden little secrets that are woven in the pages of these novels. I call them novels, but they are really a works of art. I am not even exaggerating. This man is a genius. Recommend them very much. Disclaimer- I did not watch the show(which is partially filmed in country,yaaay).

FICTION (Sci-fi and historical)

H.G.Wells- The War of the Worlds


I have to admit,I did not like it very much. I am quite sorry,but it is not my cup of it. The plot is just not compelling enough(maybe because I have read many alien fictions that this one seems a bit bland). I know that this is one of the pioneers in the sci-fi world so that is probably the reason why it all seemed a bit watered down to me. I will give it another try though.

Marija Jurić Zagorka -Tajna krvavog mosta (The secret of the bloody bridge)


The first Croatian writer on my list. I own all of her books(which makes me really proud) and I love them. She was a historical fiction writer and although she wrote fictive stories,her characters, setting and events surrounding the plot(which are usually very important) are all real. I really hope that there is a translated version out there because these books are really worth the read. Very interesting, well thought of plot, characters who are not completely black and white, intrigues and real existing locations are what made her books special.  Highly highly recommend all of them. Start with The Secret of the bloody bridge and then work your way to her more famous novels ( Gordana, The witch of Grič…). If there will be people who are interested, I could do Zagorka tour with places that are mentioned in her books 🙂

There. These are the books that I’ve read recently and I really hope you will find something for yourself. (pssst,let’s start a book club) 🙂











Happy New Year!

Hello everyone. I hope you had great holidays, and lots of good times with your family and friends and I wish you all the best in this new, 2016. Let’s make this the best one yet! 🙂

First of all,I am truly sorry for not posting anything for a while. My health wasn’t as good as I hoped it would be so I wanted to rest and spend some time with my family to regain my strength. I did post some photos on my Instagram( I admit,they were mostly taken inside the house haha) but I really neglected the blog.  As I am getting better, I don’t want to spend this year lying in my bed or rushing around hospitals feeling depressed!

So, my 2016 goals would be:

  • Study more. And better.
  • Don’t complain. Period.
  • Do at least one good thing for someone else every week
  • Do some workouts along with my running( I usually run every day if I am not ill but I am the weakest person ever haha,so I want to become stronger with some muscle exercise)
  • Play the piano at least once a week.
  • Have 1-2 blog posts published per week
  • Complete some reading challenges ( I love to read and I read all the time,but I would love to do some reading challenges so if you know an interesting one,I would appreciate it if you put it in the comments 🙂 )
  • Do something that you’ve always wanted to do but were too scared/busy.
  • Pursue hobbies that you’re interested it. Go to that astronomy class you’ve been planning for ages, take dance lessons that you’ve always wanted to take, attend history and science seminars that you like.


Since I haven’t posted anything for Christmas,here are some late photos of our Christmas trees ( I say trees because we had 4 of them x) ; one in the living room,one in the hallway,a little one in the kitchen and one decorated outside.). Since my parents are against cutting trees for Christmas,we always have a faux one (it’s quite pretty nonetheless).

Little white tree in the kitchen and a bit bigger one in the hallway:


Our big Christmas tree in the living room (2.5 m tall haha) :


And it finally started snowing yesterday which makes me super happy! I took some of these little photos yesterday but I hope I will be able to take more ( it is snowing heavily atm and the temperature is a bit lower than -8 so that is not quite possible yet haha).

Snow on the old barn’s window and snow on the old rooftop(don’t ask me how I took that one 😀  ) :


Snowy cover :




Choo choo

Hello everyone 🙂

Today I visited a very interesting model train exhibition called “Backo mini express”.

I was told that it took 4 years to make( four people, 8 hours a day) and when you see the photos you will realise why. Every little detail is crafted to perfection; from buildings to owls on the trees (and yes,everything is miniature). Even the little people are moving 😀   But the thing that makes it special is the traffic. 23 trains are on the move all the time (except for an occasional red light stop or when they are unloading the load/passangers). There are also busses and cars going around. The thing that surprised me the most was the weather and night/day change! Every 15 minutes a miniature day passes and then it gets darker and the lights go on. Throughout the night, the rain started to fall and there was a lot of thunder (flashing light and lound sound is not for the faint of heart). The model was “Christmasized” by lots of added decorations and Christmas trees. If you ever stumble upon Zagreb on your travels,I would advise you to pay a visit( I heard they are upgrading to a bigger model soon).

All in all, it was a very pleasant experience, the only downside being that you can’t take it home 😀

Pay attention to the details:






Zoomed in miniature graveyard. Look at the plants,dirt on the steps and light in the lamps. Every grave is the size of my fingernail (maybe even smaller).


Getting darker:




Middle of the night:



P.S.- for more detailed photographs, visit their website:


Little update

Hello 🙂

I am very very very sorry for not updating my story yet. I promise I will try my best to do it by the weekend. As it turns out, my health is not in the best condition(again) so I have been rushing around the city to get it all sorted out. The Christmas lights are up and the decorations are starting to appear everywhere so I can’t wait to show you how amazing it all looks!
My family is getting a new Christmas tree soon which is always very exciting! I will post a photo of our last year’s Christmas tree just to get you all in the Christmas mood X)

Btw,to all of you who need a bit of inspiration of what to read, feel free to check my Goodreads account and see what I liked 🙂


Our tree last year 



With a little bit of edit 😀




Sunday- the roadtrip part 2

As you know,yesterday my family and I had a little roadtrip to Zagorje where we visited a Marian sanctuary and the Trakošćan castle.

The Trakošćan castle is located in the north of Croatia and has been built in 13th century. Since then it has been remodelled and more rooms were added by the noble families living there. The most recent family who lived there were the Drašković family,who remodelled the castle in neo gothic style in 19th century to fit the romantic architecture of the time. The castle has been in the property of Croatia since 1950 when the last of Drašković family left the residence. Since then it has been turned into a musem.

Before you start to look at the photos, open the link and play the music for better mood:    🙂

If you ever come to Croatia,make sure to visit all parts of it and not just the Adriatic coast because it has so much more to offer,especially if you love nature and history. Trakošćan castle is good example of what you could be missing out on.

Little church in the forest, located right across the castle:


The road to the castle (sorry for the black and whit filter, something got messed up with the colour) :


Feet as a proof hahah :


The castle fort :


The road that leads up to the castle :


Entrance to the castle grounds:


Looking back from the entrance:


And feet of course:


The dungeons:


When you enter the castle there is a little turret from which you can see the lake:



20151115_142832      The stairs to the second floor :


Little stone bench  from which you can see the forest:



The second floor hall:

Feet as proof:


Details, the private library, salon and more:

20151115_143042 20151115_143104

20151115_143128 20151115_143138

20151115_143154 20151115_143307

20151115_143211 20151115_143219


The portraits:

20151115_143420    20151115_143426

20151115_144106      20151115_143443

The family tree (Harry Potter anyone?) :


The hall and the matching stairs:

20151115_143450    b20151115_143558



Decoration above the door:



Beautiful detailed closet:


The salon:

20151115_143905 20151115_143934


Beautiful wall decorations:

20151115_143954 20151115_143959 

Golden wall candle holder :


Paper model of the castle:


Little church in the forest as seen from one of the many castle windows:


View from the taller turret:

20151115_144204 The bedroom:



Another portrait:







20151115_145017_LLS The old castle flag:


Ladies salon:

20151115_145147_LLS 20151115_145210_LLS


Above the inner garden:


Outside the castle:


The lake:




Castle Trakošćan in all its glory:


I hope you’ve enjoyed the photos at least half as much as I enjoyed visiting Trakošćan 🙂

© Roberta Pavić