Hello all 🙂

Here are some snippets I’ve taken recently that I want to share with you.

Currently,I am trying to prepare myself for 10k,15k run and eventually for a half marathon. I am not sure how much you are interested in running,but I may try to keep an update on this blog.

I’ve been a runner for 8 years now (but I’ve become a serious runner in the last 3-4 years) and I usually run every day. I run because it helps me with stress and anxiety and I just love it! But recently,lots of people are inviting me to do all kinds of races. A friend of my family is organising a race in my hometown and he specifically invited me to attend. Therefore, I began with race preparations.

Now,I’ve never fussed about timing or how many kilometres I make, I always ran how much I liked (one day it could be 2km, the other 12). So this preparations are quite new to me. I have to adapt my diet(even though I mostly eat healthily and my family insists on eco,no gmo food) and my exercise. I have to admit,apart from running or biking, I hate to work out haha. I dislike the gym, the slow exercises and anything with weights. But, in order to get faster without any injuries, you have to follow a workout plan. Yikes. I will keep you updated,as I am just getting started. If you want to know how I will get in better running shape, let me know and I will post about it 🙂

Summer camomile field
Delicious “Oreo ice” pancakes. Nutella + oreo cookies + walnuts + ice cream! YUM
Gorgeous boletus mushrooms
Marija Bistrica hill 
Homemade sour cherry and vanilla pudding strudels. 


2 thoughts on “Bits

  1. These photos are gorgeous! I have to say I went :O seeing the oreo pancakes and your homemade strudel though! Hehe. Hope your marathon prep is going well, that’s so impressive, I need to get better with running 😛


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