Bees and violets

Happy international Women’s Day 🙂


This is the day on which we should all remind ourselves of the fair treatment of women in our society. People say that the western society has grown and that feminism in first world countries is not necessary anymore. True,there are countries where women are treated legally inferior to men and they need harsher feminist policy but inequality happens everywhere on a daily basis. Women are much less paid than their male colleagues, there are far too few women on leading possitions and if you take a look at some very banal things such as tv commercials you will see that inequality is still present with us.  And the only way to stop this is through education. If we teach young girls and boys that your gender,your race, your nationality,even your parents, don’t define who you are and what you can do, the world will change.

I am proud that my country is making progress ; we have a female president, we had a female prime minister, deans and principals of our universities, colleges and schools are equally represented by men and women.

On this day, we should remember our mothers and grandmothers and how hard they’ve worked for us,but not ignoring our fathers and grandfathers. We need to work on our society as a whole where every little individual counts,towards our future. When the society is healthy, the nature around us will be too.




4 thoughts on “Bees and violets

  1. Love these photos and your thoughts on International Women’s Day. I think it’s such an important day, so much of the time it gets quickly rebutted with “but why isn’t there an International Man’s Day?”. To which I always think, if people weren’t too busy trying to dismiss International Women’s Day they would know there is an International Man’s Day. Secondly, I wholeheartedly agree with what you said – every single person, male or female, in our society needs to be working together to a future generation that will be based on equality. Loved this, Rory!


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