Chapter VIII

Ava was lying on the bed.

Smilingly,she lifted her finger and started tracing it in the air. Little by little, golden shapes appeared out of nowhere.

„I see you’re in a good mood“

Ava turned her head towards the door. Standing in the doorway with hands full of books was Lilly.

Ava smiled- „Did you find something interesting“

„Sort of“- she said and threw the books in the air with one swift motion where they floated lazily as if hanged on a string.

„You’re ruining my masterpiece“- Ava smirked towards a book breaking a part of her drawing.


„I’m ‘elling you man,it’sh like she’sh out of thish world“- Milo mumbled , his mouth full of food

„I believe you.“- Kali laughed,patting his friend on the back as he was about to choke and handing him a paper napkin.

„Thanks. No,but really. We had such a good time. She even talked about that quiet girl you were so interested in.“

„Ava? „

„Yeah,’er“- Milo said,stuffing another piece of bagel in his mouth

„Not that I want to know that badly,but what did she say?“ Kali figured it was best not to mention the pool incident to his friend and to brush the whole thing off as a silly prank.

„Well,’othing shpechial weawy“- he swallowed : „Just that she is not very sociable and that she spends more time with her books than with people. That’s all.“

Kali shrugged and liften hig backpack on one shoulder. „I better get going,I don’t want to be late.“

Milo waved, still very preoccupied with finishing his breakfast.

This was the only class Kali did not attend with Milo, so he assumed it was going to be a very long one.

As he got there, he noticed that there was just one person he knew from before. The curly haired girl that usually attended the same classes as he did. She wore a dark red printed dress with a cutout on the back and her hands were full of different types of jewelry.

Not the crazy types Lilly wore-Milo thought , but more matching ones.

„Hi“-  the girl smiled,pulling up a chair next to her

„Oh hi.“- he said,slightly confused. He hoped his hair looked a bit better than he thought it did.

„I’m India. You’re Kali,Milo’s friend,right?“

He nodded,shaking her hand,her bracelets dropping on her wrist.

„So,how do you like this little town so far?“- she asked him,constant smile on her face.

„Well,to be honest, at first I thought that it was going to be very plain and peaceful,but I reeeeally got mistaken“ – he smirked,thinking about almost drowning in the student pool

„I know what you mean. The parties here can get a little too crazy. Speaking of which, I haven’t seen you at the Jetters’ yesterday.“

„Well,I was there but I left earlier. I…wasn’t feeling that well.“

„Oh,that’s a shame“- she shifted her head full of curly locks,revealing her left ear. It was full of unusual earrings; arrows, triangles, little monkeys hanging off the top of her ear.

„You like them?“-she asked him, a flirty smile playing around the corners of her mouth

„Sorry?“- he blinked-„Oh,the earrings? Yeah, they are very…unique.“

„Thank you. My mom is a vet, but her hobby is jewel making so she constantly sends me different kinds of these“- she pointed at her wrists and ears

„That is really nice of her“- said Kali with an awkward smile

„What does your mom do?“

„She,ahm… She passed away a few years ago…“

„Oh my God, I am so sorry. Me and my big mouth.“-she waved her hands in front of her

„It’s not a problem,really. I live with my dad most of the time.“

„I see. Really,so sorry. I am so embarassed right now.“-she said hiding her face in her hands

„Don’t be. It’s no big deal.“- Kali tried to sound convincing, pulling her fingers off her face

„I’m such an idiot. How about I treat you with coffee later. Would that be okay?“

„You don’t need to. But since you’ve offered…“-he smiled,nudging her in the shoulder.


„You do know that it is very mean what you are doing to that poor boy?“ Lilly asked jokingly while positioning herself next to Ava



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