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Hi everyone 🙂

As an avid reader,I avoid the “favourite book” type questions because there are just so many of them x) I would have to print out my whole library check out history just to remember what I have read through all these years. So,instead,this is a little summary of what I’ve read in the last two to three months and what I would suggest for you to read 😀

Also,before I start with the list, I usually read only specific book genres(sure, I will read anything that interests me,but these are the categories I will always find appealing ). These are: fantasy, crime, historical novels, YA, horror, fiction. So if you’re not into any of those categories,I think you will find this post disappointing x) Now,let’s get started.


Peter Straub – Ghost Story


I really really liked this book. The plot is quite enjoyably slow and characters are well developed , for a horror novel. The thing I liked the most is the atmosphere of fear, despair and suffocation( it feels quite claustrophobic but it really gives the plot that something that makes this horror story special). Highly recommend,even if you don’t usually read horror.

R.L.Stine – Don’t forget me


I have been re-reading Stine on my late night train rides. I am not sure why, but I do like to read books that I read when I was a kid. I especially love to revisit my old fears to forget about the present ones (which are,let’s be honest, far more real). Short, creepy, simple. Would recommend to younger audience or to anyone who loves a quick “spook”.  Can’t put ratings on childhood books,sorry X)

David Case-  Pelican Cay


I would call it a train ride read X) Short, tense, a bit predictable but not bad. Not for those who have a weak stomach,as it has a bit of gore in it. Nothing much,but just a warning.

H.P.Lovecraft- The dream cycle


Lovecraft is a classic. Like King. Either you like it or you don’t. They both have a very specific style of writing, so you would have to decide for yourself if this is something you would enjoy. Personally, I loved it. He is very direct in his storytelling,without lots of unnecessary embellishments. Quite a lot of gore,so keep that in mind.


Cassandra Clare – The Shadowhunter Chronicles

(I’ve read the first three)


This book series…urgh. First off, it starts of well. Okay, characters are a bit of cliche but I did like the idea of shadowhunters,demons, nephilim… All that interested me and I started to read this series. BUT. Soon it gets too boring. Now,let me explain. Instead of focusing on that awesome supercool, interesting premise (a whole new world filled with demons,fighting and badassness) the writer decided to make it a romance novel. I know,it is YA genre but there are far better books than these. I really tried to like it after the second book,but it just didn’t go well with me. I don’t understand how on earth did she stretch the plot on so many books. Also(here comes the icing)- the books are PLAGIARISED. I will not get in the details of how and why as you can find it online. Big let down. Would not recommend. There are far better young adult books to read.

Richelle Mead- The Vampire Academy


I found these to be very enjoyable. I’ve read them all within a week because they are so damn fun,sassy and addicting. Interesting plot-check, loveable characters- check, romance that you will die for- check. True YA novels. Highly recommend.


Agatha Christie- Evil under the sun


I really love Agatha Christie. My grandmother was a big fan,so as a child, I would sneak into her room and borrow her old,emerald green, leather bound books (my favourite one was,and still is, ” And then there were none ” ). And that is how I became a fan. Read lots of her works and watched numerous movies. Nothing much to be said,another classic. I highly recommend. Very nice, easy read (especially during the summer, on a beach).

Camilla Läckberg- The Ice Princess


As a contrast to warm,summer Christie, this plot is set in cold Sweden. I did put it under crime section,but this book is not really a pure crime novel. I did like the plot, I found it very interesting and it surely is a page turner but without some real substance that would make me want more. Still,I would recommend it,especially as a gift to mother,grandmother,aunt… as my mom really enjoyed it.



Anne Rice- Pandora


Along Queen of the Damned, this book is my favourite one out of Rice novels. I love how it showed us ancient history and transition to modern times. It helped me understand the complex relationship vampires have with each other and how they see the world (as Lestat,the brat prince, is not always the best source of information about someone other than himself). If you are interested in reading a GOOD vampire novel,Anne Rice is the queen. Start with the Interview with the Vampire and enjoy.

George R.R.Martin- A Dance with Dragons


The fifth book of A Song of Ice and Fire series did not disappoint me. I have the highest respect for Martin, as he is on my top 5 list of best writers(right next to Tolkien). The books are so well written that you have to read them a few times before catching every detail and hidden little secrets that are woven in the pages of these novels. I call them novels, but they are really a works of art. I am not even exaggerating. This man is a genius. Recommend them very much. Disclaimer- I did not watch the show(which is partially filmed in country,yaaay).

FICTION (Sci-fi and historical)

H.G.Wells- The War of the Worlds


I have to admit,I did not like it very much. I am quite sorry,but it is not my cup of it. The plot is just not compelling enough(maybe because I have read many alien fictions that this one seems a bit bland). I know that this is one of the pioneers in the sci-fi world so that is probably the reason why it all seemed a bit watered down to me. I will give it another try though.

Marija Jurić Zagorka -Tajna krvavog mosta (The secret of the bloody bridge)


The first Croatian writer on my list. I own all of her books(which makes me really proud) and I love them. She was a historical fiction writer and although she wrote fictive stories,her characters, setting and events surrounding the plot(which are usually very important) are all real. I really hope that there is a translated version out there because these books are really worth the read. Very interesting, well thought of plot, characters who are not completely black and white, intrigues and real existing locations are what made her books special.  Highly highly recommend all of them. Start with The Secret of the bloody bridge and then work your way to her more famous novels ( Gordana, The witch of Grič…). If there will be people who are interested, I could do Zagorka tour with places that are mentioned in her books 🙂

There. These are the books that I’ve read recently and I really hope you will find something for yourself. (pssst,let’s start a book club) 🙂











6 thoughts on “Recent reads

  1. Really interesting list! The Anne Rice’s one and “Dancing with dragons” of Martin are so much in my style and caught immediately my attention 8)
    I’m recently reading “A darker shade of Magic” of V.E.Schwab and it just flows like water and make you want to finish it in an hour! haha I guess you’d like it 🙂

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