Sunday- the roadtrip part 1

Hi everyone,I hope you are all doing well 🙂

Today, I went on a little roadtrip with my family to Zagorje, a county in northern Croatia which is known for its natural beauty and historical culture. We visited a pilgrim sanctuary in Marija Bistrica(founded in 11th century) that has been the keeper of an old Marian shrine(which dates back to 16th century) and the Trakošćan castle( built in 13th century).

Before I show you the photos,little disclaimer. The weather was quite chilly and foggy so the photos might seem a bit paler than usual. And also, as I could not use anything but my cellphone(without flash) in the Trakošćan castle(turned museum) quality of the photos is not the best(mind you, some photos do look nice and that is because I remembered to turn the night mod on halfway through our tour). I hope you will enjoy them nonetheless 🙂

Marian sanctuary monastery and the church belfry :


The Way of the Cross: 20151115_102420

The view of the sanctury from the open-air church (thus the benches):


Another one from higher up the hill:


The view: 20151115_101635

The streets of Marija Bistrica:


The old fort surrounding the church and the monastery(too big for the photo haha) :

20151115_102605page The entrance to the church grounds:

20151115_102728 20151115_102829 20151115_102852

The church grounds,monastery and the church:

20151115_103632 20151115_103726


This one was a tricky shot :


20151115_10434320151115_104731Feet as a proof hahah:


On our way down the hill:6514551220151115_102150

I hope you enjoyed my photos,I will publish the second part(with lots more photos) tomorrow , as I am super tired( got up and 6 am,been walking the whole day haha).

Good night 🙂

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