Autumn in the city- details

As you can see,I am currently not at home, but since I am a big lover of nature I always pass the public parks and green surfaces x)

So these are a few photos of autumn in the city where I go to uni (not too far from my hometown,so I’m staying at a flat for a couple of days and on the weekends I go home 😀 ). All the photos I’m putting are from the centre-the Old or Lower town.

I’m sorry that the photo quality isn’t really the best, but the weather(as you can see on the photos) is really cloudy and rainy so the lighting isn’t so good.

This is the view from the park to the main train station,very close to where I’m staying.:


A fountain in the park and the colourful buildings in the back:


The art Pavilion in the park:


Yellowing leaves in the streets:

deveta deseta

Another big park right across the first one:


Pavilion in the park where classical music is played on saturday mornings:

dvanaestaA closer look(can you see the leaves wrapped around the poles?) :


Details: petnaesta

Leaves on the steps:


21 thoughts on “Autumn in the city- details

  1. You always take the most gorgeous photos (it’s spring here over in Australia now so it’s lovely to see some Autumnal vibes again)! I think I especially love the art pavillion one, and the close up of the leaves around the poles. How lovely that you are close enough that you get to go home on the weekends, it must be so nice for you and your family!

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