Kali lifted his head and saw a blurry shape sitting on the diving board. He rubbed his red eyes so he could see better but by the time he looked again,no one was there.

His feet were slippery and cold as he climbed out of the pool. The towel he brought with him was lying wet on the floor next to his slippers. A shiver went down his spine.

He collected his things and started to walk towards the corridor.

The campus was very quiet. All he could hear was the sound of squeaky footsteps and drips of water from his wet body that made a loud sound on the marble floor.

By the time he got to his room,he was shivering frantically, his lips have turned blue and he could feel the hair stand up on the back of his neck.

„Why is it so cold?“

Kali entered his room and started to search frantically for a dry towel or a blanket. But when he opened the closet,all his clothes, blankets, towels and bedding were dripping wet. He kicked his slippers angrily into a wall .

„W-what the…“-he stuttered and rushed to open Milo’s closet.

Same thing happend there. Everything he could put on or wrap himself with was wet. His footsteps made horrible sloshing sound as he walked on the damp carpet towards the door. As he opened them,he heard a laugh in the end of the corridor. He ran towards the sound,breathing heavily as the air grew colder every second. Sprinting and stumbling slightly he crossed doors after doors trying to catch whoever was laughing.

But as he went on,the laughter just grew further and further.

Kali ran faster and faster. He turned around the corner and just as he was about to speed up again,he bumped into Milo.

„Woah,what’s up with you? You’re ice cold! Wh-what’s with the…“- he muttered,pointing at Kali’s swimming shorts

„This. All wet. Whole bedroom. Wet. Cold.“- he said in the strained voice

„Whaaat? The bedroom got flooded? Aw man…“- Milo said annoyed-„Come on then,hurry!“

Kali looked at the back of his friend running towards their bedroom and started to walk ,his chest still burning from the sudden sprint. His head was in a kind of daze, the thoughts that rushed through his head were accusing, blaming and condemning. Someone. A single person who could be held responsible. But now he has a proof,a whole room of it,actually. He laughed maniacally.

„Man,you scared me! What was with that? Not a good joke“- Milo yelled

„What?“ He hurried into the room.

Everything was completely dry and in its place. Even the temperature went up.

Nothing made sense in Kali’s head and as he prepared to sit down on his chair,he noticed something unusual.

The wet towel he brought with him and the slippers were not there.

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