Chapter VI

„Here,try this!“- Milo tossed another shirt to Kali for him to try on

„Still too big.“-murmured Kali, taking the shirt off

„I don’t know man,you’ll just have to go in a t-shirt. I don’t have anything smaller“

„It’s okay,nevermind. Thanks anyway. I think I have a nice black one somewhere…“- his voice trailed off while he rummaged through the closet drawers

Milo stood in front of the mirror,looking impeccable in dark denim. He pulled the sleeves of his shirt up to his elbows and started fixing his hair by making little twirls, as though he wanted to accentuate the sunkissed ends in his bush of ash brown hair.

„How about this“- the voice came behind Milo and he turned around

Kali finally decided to wear dark jeans and a black polo shirt.

Milo put his thumbs up- „I like it. We goin’?“

„Yeah,just a second to comb my hair“
Milo laughed-„Yeah,you could try.“

Kali squeezed his eyes slightly at Milo’s remark.

When he finally gave up on combing his hair,they left the dormitory and got out of the campus grounds.

There was a taxi waiting for them at the university gates.

„Jetters house is a bit further away from town“- Milo whispered as they got in the car.

While he explained the direction to the driver,Kali looked around to see if anyone else is coming with them,but apparently they all left earlier. „Probably because no one would wait this long for this dimwit to get ready“- he rolled his eyes

„Ready,Kali my boy?“- his eyes flashed with excitement

„Yeah… It’s just a party…You do know that,don’t you?“

„Ah… So young and innocent… It’s THE party. Something good always happens there“

Leaving Kali to think about what „good“ actually meant in his dictionary,Milo checked the scenery through the taxi window. He could never get bored by this gorgeous view. The long shore, stars just barely mirrored in the evening darkening sea and the old lighthouse…
“Did you hear from Penelope?“- Milos thoughts got interrupted

„Um… No. Not really. But she’ll be there. „

They drove for another few minutes and then came to a stop in front of a tall wrought fence.

„Just leave us here,thank you.“- Milo said and payed the driver

They passed the gates and started walking towards the house. Tall green hedge blocked the actual view of the house, but Kali knew that they were heading the right way because the music got lounder as they walked.

The lights grew brighter as they approached the party. Dozens of people danced to the beats of very loud dubstep music.

Kali saw some of his classmates,including Jace doing acrobatic jumps into the water to impress  the girls sitting at the edge of the pool.

„Mental.“- said Kali,glancing at the huge piles of beer and spirits.

„You virgin.“- laughed Milo- „Look up there. Those are the Jetters- Kylie and Avery“

On the terrace behind the pool stood two identical girls. One was blonde however,and the other had jet black hair. They were really pretty and both dressed in tight, red bodycon dresses.

But Kalis eyes shifted to a tall girl in a golden bathing suit. Her long strawberry blonde hair was half braided and collected into a thick ponytail and she embellished her pale arms with temporary golden tattoos of different patterns. She was laughing with some of her friends who Kali didn’t recognise.

„Shall we say hi?“- said Milo and not waiting for an answer strolled across the lawn towards Lilly

„Hey you two“- she said cheerfully as they approached

Kali noticed she had pierced her left ear on several places, putting in them numerous earings of sun and stars.

„Have you had any drinks yet?“

„No… Any recommendations?“- Milo smiled- „Btw,where is Ava? I can’t seem to see her…“

„Oh she didn’t come after all.“- Lilly rolled her eyes -„ She didn’t feel like hanging out tonight. Anyway, you should reeeally try these. They are amazing“ – she said in a melodical voice as she took Milo under her arm

Kali watched as the two walked away,wondering what on Earth will he be doing all night. He sat on one of the garden chairs and  took out his phone. Then he typed a message to Penelope to meet him near the pool.

But even an hour later he didn’t get a response. Milo was having fun with Lilly in the pool,so Kali felt bad to interrupt them. He got up and called a taxi to bring him back to the dorms.

Once there,Kali felt unusually lonely. It was 11 pm and the dormitory was deserted. It seemed like everyone went to the party. He rummaged trough the drawer of his desk and found some papers miss Moss gave him earlier that week. Among them,there was a brochure about college sports and different activities. His eyes stopped at the picture of an olympic pool. The brochure said that the college pool was opened every day except Sundays, from 8 am to 3 pm.

Kali found his old swimming shorts buried deep in the closet,put a towel over his shoulder and headed out.

As he followed the map and walked through empty building, he noticed the light shining through one of the slightly ajar doors in a distant hallway. Little grey tile was perched on the top of the arc that said : FEMALE DORMITORY

He knew that it could be anyone’s bedroom,but the feeling in his gut that it could be Ava’s made him walk forward. His flip flops made a loud sound on the stone floor as he cautiously approached the light and clutched his towel tightly.

Kali knocked on the door.

No one answered.

As he knocked again, a slight shiver went through his spine. It made him turn around in panic.

He slowly opened the door.

There was no one there.

He entered the room,biting his lip knowing that he could get in serious trouble if he was found lurking around girls dormitories in the middle of the night.

The room was very tidy,almost as thought no one lived there.

A book was left open on the desk.

He picked it up and read the title. It was some sort of historical romance novel that would never interest Kali.

He put the book back as it has been before and, despite his better judgement, he opened the desk drawer.

Inside the drawer were some notebooks and a pencil case.

Then he opened the closet and again found nothing out of the ordinary. He felt stupid. What was he thinking he could find? A potion book? Dead rats?

He left the bedroom,leaving the door slightly ajar and headed towards the pool.


The water was cold and refreshing. He thought about Milo and Lilly probably very drunk by now. The thought of it made him laugh.

He did a few laps and leaned on the edge of the pool.

Mental note. Buy another swim shorts.“- Kali thought to himself as his old shorts squeezed him uncomfortabely.

He released the end of the pool and made a move as to start swimming again, when he noticed a shadow growing behind him.

Kali tried to turn around in panic but something pulled him underwater. He waved his arms frantically,wanting to emerge to the surface but the thing that was pulling him grew stronger. He opened his eyes and looked towards his legs but nothing was there. As though water itself pulled him to the bottom of the pool.

Suddenly, he felt very light and dived on the surface.

He coughed the water out of his lungs when he heard a soft voice – „ You should reaaally stop spying on people,you know. „






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