Kali woke up the next day with the sound of birds chirping outside his window. The sun was shining through the half open blinds making unusual shapes on the wall. His roommates soft snoring filled the room.

He slowly sat up in his bed thinking about everything what happened. He was trying to explain what happened in the library rationally,but he couldn’t find a logical reason of why books would float mid-air.

She’s a witch.“- the thought went through his head unintentionally -„Such a strange thing to be thinking aboutCould she really be one? What else could’ve explain it?“

His brows furrowed from frustration. He didn’t even notice than the snores died away and that Milo had woken up.

„Ahoy,witch hunter!“- he shouted happily, looking over Kali’s bed rails. The exclamation made Kali jump and hit his head on the ceiling. Rubbing the spot on the head which pulsated with pain,he quietly murmured good morning.

„Oh c’mon, it’s not that bad!“- laughed Milo, looking at Kali’s sulking face

„Yeah,I’m a’right“- said Kali

„That’s the spirit“- Milo said smilingly while buttoning up his shirt- „I’m off to get some breakfast,we don’t have classes today so we should go and try that thing we talked about yesterday…“- he winked and got out of the room,leaving the door slightly opened

Kali slowly got out of his bed and headed to the bathroom.

As he brushed his teeth, he tried to get his hair a bit less messy with one hand,but it just wouldn’t stay in place.

Great. Bedhead.“ -he spat the foamy toothpaste into the sink.

He washed his face with cold water,got dressed and left his room,heading to the college cafeteria.

As he arrived,he realized that the cafeteria was closed and decided to walk around and find Milo. Sure enough,Milo was not far away,eating a sandwich on a nearby bench in the college yard.

„Not working today?“- asked Kali in a strained voice

„Nope.“- said Milo,chewing his sandwich- „Here“- he added and outstretched his arm – „I figured you’d need one“.

„Thanks“- Kali said smilingly

„Soo…Are we goint to the party tonight?“

„You mean, at the Jetters sisters ?… Oh God,is this tuna? „ – asked Kali,unwrapping his sandwich

„Yeah. And no,ham and cheese“

„We could. Penelope surely wants us there. Oh good,I like ham. Do you think everyone will be there?“

„Well,they should,at least if they care enough about their social life.“-Milo chuckled

„Hmm… I don’t know,I’m not in the mood to be surrounded with lots of people… Ah well… Let’s get some coffee“

Kali stood up and shaked down the bread crumbs that had been piling on his shirt.

They walked near the shore and enjoyed soaking up the sun.

„Hey,look there“- Milo smirked to Kali and nudged his head

„A coffee shop? You want to go there? Looks o…kay…“- Kali realised what Milo was showing him

At one of the beechwood tables decorated with red and yellow flowers sat Ava. She was laughing at something her friend said and waving her hands as though signalling her to stop.

Ava’s friend was a pretty girl around their age. Her hair was long,strawberry blonde and she had one thick braid, loosely hanging on one side. She seemed pretty tall to Kali as she gestured wildly to Ava,revealing her ivory hands embellished with temporary golden tattoos. Tears of laughter were running down her freckled cheeks as she now stood up to visualise her story better.

„We should join them“- Milo winked

„What?! No! Milo-wait!“-  Kali yelled in panic,but it was too late. Milo’s big footsteps already got him half way to the terrace Ava was sitting at.

„You two surely know how to have a good time“- Milo interrupted Ava’s friend in her story,handing her a paper handkerchief

„Oh-thank-you“- the blonde girl said,trying to surpress her laughter

„Milo“- he offered his hand

„Lilly“ – the girl said,shaking his hand and wiping her face.

Kali was standing awkwardly behind him and fidgeted with his keys.

„You’re the Frost guy right?“- said Ava abruptly

Kali looked up,suddenly frozen.-„Y-yeah. Frost. Kali. H-how did you know that?“ The scene from the library flashed in his brain and he tried hard not to think about it,fearing that she could read minds.

„Oh,I help miss Moss with the files. And we’re in the same class,I believe“- she looked at him curiously,the ends of her lips slightly forming a shy smile

„Yeah,that’s right“- he exhaled

„Are you okay? Do you need some water?“ – asked the blonde girl

Kali noticed she had beautiful ice blue eyes and really faint,light eyebrows as she looked at him.

„Oh,no. Thanks.“
“Are you sure? You’ve gone awfully pale there“- she examined his face

„I’m fine,really.“- he waved his hands in front of him

„Okay then“- Lilly said cheerfully.

„So… I know we’ve just met,but could I maybe ask you to get a coffee with me? „- Milo asked Lilly with the brightest smile he could muster

„Oh,so sweet. Ava,isn’t he sweet?“- giggled Lilly -„ How about we meet at a party? You surely are going tonight“

„Yeah,we are. How about you? „- he turned to Ava – „Are you going too?“

„She is“- said Lilly,putting her hand on top of Ava’s as though wanting to stop her from protesting

„See you there then.“- Milo winked and walked away leaving Kali to say awkward goodbye and run after him

„What-are-you-doing?“- whispered Kali,even though the coffee shop could not be seen anymore behing them

„Well,this is your chance to get to know something about her! And I wouldn’t really mind getting to know the blonde better either!“- he laughed,punching the air above him

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