The door slammed loudly behind Kali as he ran into his bedroom.

„Dude,what the -?  Why are you so….pale? And what happened to my coffee?- Milo looked puzzled

I-I went into…the library“-Kali gasped for air while clenching his painful sides – „ And…that girl,brown haired girl from class was there“

„Which one? You have to be a bit more specific“-Milo smirked

„The one you said that behaves awkward or odd or something“

Milo sat up straight-„ Oh,you mean Ava? Yeah I think I’ve seen her there myself a few times.“

Kali began to pace up and down the room.

„But did you see her doing anything weird?“

„You mean,except from reading lots of books that aren’t even obligatory literature?“

„I’m being serious. Anything that is not normal?“

„I don’t know,maybe. I really know the point you’re trying to make“

„I saw her…“- he thought for a second- „ levitating a book“- he breathed out

Milo burst out laughing. -„Oh my God,you sounded so serious,I really thought she was burning books in there or something“

„I am not joking.“

„Of course you’re not joking,hahah,she was just levitating books in the library. Hahah,was there a ghost that had his neck half chopped off too?“
“Ha-ha,funny. You don’t have to believe me.“

„Well next time you see some hocus pocus around here,please do take a photo“- he continued to laugh

Kali rolled his eyes,took his backpack and went out.


„Did you hear about the Jetters sisters party?… Kali! What’s gotten into you today?“

„Huh?“-said Kali absent mindedly,biting the top of his pencil

„Are you even listening? What are you looking at anyway?“- Penelope streched out so she could see better

„Ah,nothing. Just revising a little bit. So the party,you said? „- he looked away and stared at Penelope

„Yes…“- said Penelope suspiciously

„Well,I think we should go. The whole class will be there too,right? „

„Hm,I guess so.“-Kali thought she still looked at him a bit funny

„Thinking about that Ava girl again?“- someone whispered in his ear

He jumped in his seat.

„I thought about it and maybe we should follow her around for a  bit. You want to confirm your story and it’s not like we have something better to do so early in the semester anyway.“-said Milo,leaning very closely

„Right,okay. We’ll just be two creeps stalking someone. What’s the worst thing that could happen? „

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