Couples sat on the benches and watched a small wooden boat approaching as the smell of freshly baked bagels and hot coffee came from the stands near the docks.

„You were right,these are amazing“-Kali mumbled while biting in soft, chocolate covered pretzel.

„Pffsh, and you thought this town has nothing to offer“-Milo said mockingly

They were walking through the main street which was located right on the shore. It was cobbled and filled with flower shops,restaurants and little cafes whose terraces stretched all the way to the sea. There was an old lighthouse ,overlooking the open sea, visible in the distance.

beep beep

„It’s mine.“- said Milo as he took a cellphone out of his pocket- „Penelope. She says she can’t come with us today because some roommate problems blah blah blah…Anyhow. What do you want to do next? “

„I think I’m just going to go back to my hotel room and get my things. Meet you at the campus?“

„Yeah sure,no problem. Call me if you need any help.“- he pat Kali on the shoulder

Kali watched him walking away and then turned around the corner and hurried to the hotel.

It was an old rustic building with big wooden doors. There was no one in the lobby so he passed by the help desk and went to the second floor. He fiddled with his keys a while and slowly unlocked the heavy door. Kali sighed.

„Yeah dad,great first day at new college.“- he said loudly while putting his backpack on the ground. -„I was a bit late,but no one gave me a hard time for it.“- he kicked off his sneakers – „Kids there were okay, the teachers are also good. You know,I kind of like it here,dad.“

Kali threw himself on the sofa and took his cellphone out.

No new messages flashed at him.

„Figures.“-thought Kali

He shook his head and started to pack.


„You’re back soon.“- Milo peeked out behind his comic


„Need a hand?“
“Nah,I’m just going to leave it here and unpack later. I wanted to check the caffeteria and maybe get some coffee.“

„Oh cool,can you bring me one? Black,one sugar. „
“Yeah,no problem“- smiled Kali as he walked through the door

He left the dormitory and entered the main building. He vaguely remembered the map miss Moss gave him,but he was pretty sure that the caffeteria is on the top floor.

He passed by the same grey doors on the fourth floor that had professors names on them and thought about coming back to his room and taking the map.

He came to a halt.

In front of him were beautiful big double doors that stood out from the serious interior.They were made out of stained glass. One of them showed bright day and golden sun while the other one had dark night and a pale crescent moon on them.

Kali slowly pushed the door open to reveal rows of wooden bookshelves lit by the old fashioned lamps hanging from the ceiling. Only a dozen of them were working so he assumed no one was here and that he came after hours.

Kali walked between the bookshelves and read some of the titles that were closest to him. At the end of every row,there were comfortable sofas and little coffee tables which had tiny table lamps perched on them.

He liked the place,it was quiet, warm and smelled of books, which reminded him of his old home.

He moved slowly,absorbing the feeling of peace in the library, touched the leather spines and smiled as he read some familiar names.

Then he noticed something. There was a slight movement behind the shelf on his right.He slowly reached out his hand and moved a book to see to the other side.

A girl sat on the top of the back of an armchair with her legs crossed.

Kali stood still.

She had a brown shoulder length hair and bangs with a slight parting in them. She was moving her foot as if there was a song playing in the library. In one hand she had a chocolate covered pretzel and a coffee in the other. She was reading a book.

Kali started to back away slowly not wanting to get noticed.

She slightly moved her head to the side and turned the page.

Then Kali saw something that his mind failed to comprehend at first.

Ava’s book was floating in the mid air.

His throat went dry.

Shakily ,he put the books back in their place and stumbled to the entrance thanking the carpet beneath his feet for muffling his footsteps.

He opened the stained glass door and before he went trough, he turned around half expecting to see her behind him, but no one was there.

Then he ran as fast as he could.

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