Next to him sat a pretty girl with red hair tied in a ponytail.She wore a blue dress that matched her eyes and emphasized her cleavage.She smiled at him and reached out her hand: „ Hi,I am Penelope. You must be new here,right?“-she said brightly

„Y-yeah. I’m Kali. Nice to meet you“- he shook her hand

„Oh,Kali Frost?“- she raised her eyebrows -„Oy,Milo! Come here!“-she shouted as she turned his back on him

A tall boy dressed in jeans and a dark checkered shirt turned around and waved.

„I believe I found your rommate“-Penelope said while taking her books out of her bag

„Hey,you are Kali then,right? I’m Milo Greene,nice to meet you roomie“- they shook hands- „ How come you weren’t in here in the first class? I checked your schedule and we have the same classes first semester“

„Oh,I was late. I didn’t expect the classes to start so early.“

„Yeah,I get it“- Milo smiled- „ Happened to me too last year,don’t worry.“

As they all sat down, the door closed and the professor came in. „Settle down everyone“- she said. The professor was a very attractive woman in her 30s, dressed in a white blouse and dark blue pencil skirt.

„I will not check if all of you are here but I expect of you to be active and to work well with your colleagues.“

„Oh yeah, I expect to work really well with some of my colleagues as well“- the boy behind them smirked and jerked his head into a direction of some curly haired girl. Milo chuckled.

„So,Kali“-Penelope turned her head in his direction,rolling her eyes at the unknown boy- „How did you end up in Tiwerton?“

„Well…“-Kali struggled- „It was kind of my dad’s idea. He…um… Liked the place. „

„I see.“-she frowned- „Do you have any plans for this afternoon? Milo and I could give you a little tour,maybe grab something to eat? „

„Yeah,okay. That could be nice.“ – Kali felt that he’s relaxed a little bit. People here seemed amicable and the college wasn’t so bad either.

As the professor continued with the lesson and everyone scribbled into their notebooks,Kali looked around the classroom.

The girl that boy was pointing at had very long dark curly hair. She wore a red shirt with little beads on the sleeves that sparkled in the light as she moved her hand across the notebook. Next to her sat a very thin short haired blonde wearing  a sweatshirt. She had small glasses on the top of her nose and she frowned as she bit the tip of her pencil.

„Anyone interested to share their thoughts about this line?“- the professor jerked Kali out of his daydream

Curly haired girl raised her hand.


„India York“- the girl said loudly

„Miss York,what are your thought about this?“

„She’s not bad at all , is she Kali, my boy? „- Milo winked at him

„W-well,yeah“- Kali mumbled,hoping that he wasn’t blushing

„Watch out though. That guy over there,Jace“- Milo pointed behing himself – „ he wants her. Big time.“

„Too bad that she doesn’t want him. Any time.“- interrupted Penelope

They laughed.

„That was alright,miss York. But could someone explain it to me a bit better? Maybe with a bit more depth to it?“ – professors voice thundered through the classroom in the attempt to quite down the noise

A girl in the front row raised her hand.

„Is she also new here? „ – Kali asked Penelope,seeing as most of the people looked at her now

„Ava? No,she’s been here since the sta-„

„But she’s a bit odd. That’s why people look at her.“- Milo whispered

„She’s not odd!“- Penelope gave him a nasty look- „She’s just a bit quiet,you know. She doesn’t hang around much with everyone. Just with this one girl from the fourth year.“

„I still say she’s a bit odd.“- Milo mumbled in his chin

The girl stopped talking and the professor looked pleased with the answer.

Ava had brown.shoulder lenghth hair and bangs with a slight parting in them. Her face was small but she had very big, dark eyes. She was wearing denim shorts and white shirt with lace details on the back.

„She looks ordinary to me“– shrugged Kali


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