„We are diving into the first day of September and according to the weather report, it seems like summer is still with us . I am Ronald Tawny and you are listening to Radio MOK.“

Kali pulled his earphones out as he approached the big bricked building  which had a sign that said : UNIVERSITY OF TIWERTON“

This was the third time he moved in the past five years. His father had a younger girlfriend who had a fondness for coastal towns and got bored pretty easily. So now they dropped him off in a new town while they went on a travel.

He had to change schools again and this time he ended up in Tiwerton. Too small to be called a city and too big to be called a town.

He kicked little stones with his shoe as he walked through the big gates into the university complex.

As he entered, he noticed that no one was around. There were no students rushing,chatting or eating in the yard.

„I’m late“– the thought of it made his stomach turn

He ran inside the biggest building and started to frantically search for anyone who could help him.

As he passed multiple corridors with the doors that looked exactly the same he started to panic. His hair,that he carefully styled this morning,was disheveled and sweat patches started to show under his arms.

„Oy, lad. What’yer doing ‘ere?“-he heard a man’s voice behind his back „Yer late, what year are ya?“

„Um,second. I’m second year. Sir. I am new here.“- he said,clenching his painful sides

„Well second years are in the floor above,ask the ladey in the room 21 where yer at. She will help ya. Hurry now“ – the janitor warned him

„T-thanks“- Kali mumbled as he ran up the stairs and into another corrider

Kali knocked on the door which had the number 21 written in the left corner.

„Come in!“- the high raspy voice came through the door

„Hello,my name is Kali and I am late and I don’t know where to go and this is my first day here,I am very sorr-„

„Slow down boy,slow down! „- the woman said

She was small frail looking old lady with big horn-rimmed glasses perched on top of her nose. Butterfly hairpins in her hair moved as she shook her head. -„ You are already late. I cannot let you in the classroom now. You will attend the next lesson. What did you say your name was again? „

„Kali Frost,miss. „

She typed his name into her computer and smiled.

„Ahh,the newcomer.“-she mumbled into her chin -„ Your next class starts in 35 minutes and it is in the room 47,right here on this floor. You can’t miss it.“-she said,handing him the schedule and the college map

„Thank you very much,miss…“

„Moss. Abigail Moss. And remember,classes start at 7:45 sharp.“

„I will remember that,thank you.“- Kali said as he came out of her office

He looked at the papers she gave him. He was to live in the college campus but as he arrived just last night,his stuff were still in the hotel.

„I might as well check out my room,now that I have some free time“-he thought and turned around the corner

He crossed the green lawn in the yard and entered the building which said „MALE DORMITORY“ on the small grey tile.

Inside the building he found the room 12,which he would have to share with the boy named Milo. The room was unlocked and he entered.

On his left there were bunk beds. „I guess I’m going to take the lower one“- he sighed as he checked the unfolded linen

There were two corner desks,one in each corner, two smaller closets and a basketball basket.

„Cosy enough“– he though,remembering his last room which was almost as small as a cupboard.

Then he checked his watch and hurried out.

He bustled in the classroom along with what seemed as hundreds of students and took a seat in the middle row.


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